Free The Nipple Pots was created for the first time in the spring of 2018. It all started with it being a gift for a friend who would have children and the idea was to create a pregnant belly on a pot. She shared her first work on Instagram and got a quick positive response and many were curious. After a while, she created the account Free The Nipple Pots when the interest in the pots was so great. Free The Nipple Pots has today become a brand with over 14,000 followers worldwide on Instagram that pays homage to the female body and creates something personal for everyone.

The collaboration with Bounir and Free The Nipple Pots began almost a year ago when the two founders of Bounir and Free The Nipple Pots were seen at a breakfast with a friend. The thought struck them that they should do something together when Isolina (founder of Bounir) was told that the orders that Free The Nipple Pots most remember are the orders for women who have undergone extensive breast surgery, mothers who have given birth or women who have not. have felt comfortable in themselves. What could be better than the pink month of October? Each pocket with a chest motif is truly unique, just like you. The lack of something more personal and handmade on the market made them decide and finally the collection is here in a limited edition of 100 pieces.

The woman behind Free The Nipple Pots is basically a graduate in economics who loves to play tennis and hang out with her pug Chloe. She says that she has always been a person who has liked to create and has, among other things, embroidered, sewn and made jewelry before. At home, the whole home is a workshop. The dining table is used for shaping the pot, the coffee table for grinding and the TV bench for drying. The process for a pot usually takes about 6 hours and involves many rounds of sanding, painting and varnishing to achieve the best results.

In the beginning, many personal orders for the pots were made, but despite this she could see a clear red thread on the pots and she decided to control more herself over the creation of the pots and to include all different types of bodies, colors and breasts. She wants the pots to convey a sense of recognition and that you are beautiful as you are.

We have heard many times that the customers are the great inspiration for her to continue with the production of the pots and that it is the personal touch that makes it unique. We believe that it is precisely the personal feeling that made Free The Nipple Pots break through. Precisely that all sales take place via Instagram and that the customer is closely included in the process.

Her future plans are to continue to develop her pots and to broaden the range. As long as the customers are interested, her motivation to make the pots will remain. She sees that she will continue to sell through her Instagram for as long as she can.

October 16, 2020 — Isolina Fedel

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