Lemon Card Holder Fjord

145 kr
Tax included.

Update your phone case with a pocket from Bounir. With our pockets for phone cases, you can easily, practically and stylishly store your payment card, ID documents, gym card or pass card for work. These phone case card holders fit all phone models. You easily and easily stick the card compartment, just like a sticker. The card pocket is incredibly tight and won't fall off, so now you can have all your most important things in one place thanks to this pocket. 

The shape of the Fjord pocket was inspired by the Norwegian fjords and the astonishing landscape. Isolina recreates the shape and experience of what you experience when you enter the entrance of the beautiful fjords and thereby highlight how strong and simple - but beautiful - nature is.


Width: 6.5 cm

Height: 7.8 cm


Handmade from vegan leather


You can fit a regular debit and credit card in the size (85.60 × 53.98 mm)

The card sticks out a bit so it's easy to grab.

We recommend having a maximum of two to three cards together.

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