Light Pink Braided Card Holder

395 kr
Tax included.

Finally, our braided card holders are here, belonging to one of our most sought after collections; Michaela Delér x Bounir! A collection with focus on attention to details. Michaela has created a collection with Bounir for those of you who like the little extra and with an eye for detail. The handmade and braided card holder matches your mobile phone case perfectly and helps you neatly store your payment card, ID documents, gym card or pass card for work. The card holder has two pockets, one on each side and a compartment in the middle for additional cards or notes.

As you probably know, the wear is slightly higher on exposed areas such as corners and edges. If you are careful with the card holder and treat it right, it will retain its fine structure.

All our products are and will always remain vegan. Bounir is also certified and listed with the world's leading animal rights organization PETA.


Handmade in vegan leather

How many cards will fit:

3-5 pieces

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