Orange Card Holder Scallop

199 kr

Update your mobile cover with a card pocket, card holder or card slot from Bounir. Dear child has many names. With our card pockets for mobile phones, you can easily, conveniently and nicely store your debit card, ID documents, gym card or access card to work. These card holders for mobile phones fit all phone models. You stick the card slot smoothly and easily, just like a sticker. The card pocket sits incredibly hard and does not fall off, so now you can have all your most important things in one place thanks to this card slot for your mobile.

The shape of the scallop pocket was inspired by the shapes of nature, in this case the oak leaves that swayed calmly in the wind on a hot summer day in mid-July. During his stays in the Stockholm Archipelago, the nice pocket took shape and is today a favorite among many.

Width:6.5 cm
Height:7.8 cm

Handmade from vegan leather

You can fit a standard debit and credit card in the size (85.60 × 53.98 mm)
The card sticks out a bit so it's easy to get hold of.
We recommend having a maximum of two to three cards together.

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