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Gabriel Cohen, who is an incredible style icon and a part of the menswear retailer Engelska Herr, located in Malmö and at, has almost forty thousand followers on Instagram and is known for his impeccable style. Trendy linen blazers, perfect trench coats and soft, earthy tones fills his Instagram feed. Official Bounir have been following him for the past couple of years and are very inspired by his hard work and dedication to mens fashion. We had the opportunity to ask Gabriel some questions about fashion from his point of view. 

Gabriel frequently visits the trade show Pitti Uomo, which is a famous fashion fair in Florence, that takes place twice a year, once in January and then again in early June. When we ask him about his expectations and insights of the fair, he describes it as something fantastic and interactive. He is there to meet inspiring people, new acquaintances and old ones, and of course to keep an eye out for upcoming trends. We can definitely imagine that Gabriel get tons of inspiration from this event! 

However, the most important reason to why Gabriel visits the fair every year is because of his role as a purchaser at Engelska Herr. He also brings home tons of positive energy and inspiration from all the fantastic people who visit the trade show along with him. He says that this inspiration is very useful in both his personal life and in his career. 

Photo: Pontus Jonsén

Despite his thriving career, Gabriel is very prestigeless. If he had not been working within fashion, he says that he could do whatever necessary in order to put food on the table. He feels lucky though, to be able to work in a creative environment together with talented people at Engelska Herr. Gabriel is, like most of us, a fan of basics, comfort and utility. When we ask him about his go-to pieces, he says that he always wears suits for work. During winter, he loves different shades of blue, and during summer he loves to wear every possible shade from green to earthy tones. His fabric of choice when the temperature increases, is definitely linen, which we have seen on his Instagram account. During his time off, he prefers a more casual look. For example a pair of denim jeans with a simple cashmere sweater. Moreover, a fun fact about Gabriel is that he never leaves his home without a pair of tassel or string loafers. 


Even though Gabriel has a love for classy, basic and timeless pieces, he really enjoys living in todays society. Despite that many say that everything was better in the past, he says that he enjoys living in the present. Gabriel does not seem to be too complicated in our eyes! With a love for basic pieces in his wardrobe, it is not hard to guess that his three favorite things also are fundamentals. His car, his bed and his shower. 

Regarding slow fashion versus fast fashion, or fashion in general, he states that the most important aspect of trends and fashion is to keep it personal. He really likes to follow trends and fashion in general, but it comes and goes - just like everything else. It is therefore important to create your own personal style and not dress according to current trends, since you cannot buy nor style fashion. Style is something you carefully have to manage! Amen to that, Gabriel. 

If you want to be as stylish as Gabriel, you should go purchase his favorite iPhone case from Bounir - the Khaki one. It is easy to style and goes with all of hi favorite clothes.

Thank you Gabriel! 


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